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Penny Crisp

Penny Crisp

Name. Penny Crisp

Subject you are training in: Mathematics

Position Held:  School Direct Trainee

What were you doing prior to becoming a teacher? 

Primary School Teaching Assistant

Why did you choose to train through VITSA?  

I received an e-mail regarding training opportunities through my son (attending a VITSA school). I loved the Train to Teach School Experience day, and liked the schools with training vacancies. 

 What motivated you to become a teacher? 

I have always worked in nurturing roles, and staff at my last job encouraged me to study with a view to train as a teacher. I gained my degree with Open University, in a mixture of maths and primary education, but realised my heart lay with both maths and older children. Having not had the best opportunities (or education) myself when I was young, I felt my skills lay in helping others to fill their potential by both educating them, and inspiring them to want to do their best. 

What have been your highlights so far?  

Everything! I have loved teaching a mixture of year groups, and abilities. Observing other teachers has been extremely valuable, both for subject knowledge and pedagogical procedures and techniques. I have loved being part of the team (my last job only had 25 staff).

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