Emma Munn

Emma Munn

Name: Emma Munn 

Subject you are trained in: Primary

Position Held: Year 1 Teacher

What were you doing prior to becoming a teacher?

Teaching Assistant specialising in SEN and Speech and Language

Why did you choose to train through VITSA? 

I liked the idea of a new primary school setting. I also liked the training and CPD opportunities offered through the alliance.

What motivated you to become a teacher? 

Since having my four children I have been working in a primary school setting as a teaching assistant. I saw the impact that could be had from fantastic teaching but also from poor practice and this motivated me to want to become a teacher that really cared about the children and their learning.

What have been your highlights so far?

Thinking back over the past 2 to 3 years from training to where you are now, what have been the highlights to your teaching career? My School Direct year was a steep learning curve but I believe prepared me excellently for my NQT year.

I have started this year already familiar with the school procedures, expectations and with a good understanding of the children in my class from spending time with them while they were still in Reception. The highlight has been having my own class this year and I am loving teaching!

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