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John Salsbury

John Salsbury

Name: John Salsbury

Subject you are training/trained in: Mathematics

Position Held: Teacher of Maths (2nd in department)

What were you doing prior to becoming a teacher? 

I worked in the logistics industry for over 12 years, managing large accounts for a large global company before becoming the Operations Manager for a pallet pooling company, growing the turnover from £7m - £25m per year.

Why did you choose to train through VITSA? 

The school has an excellent reputation, it was clear that I would be supported during my training year and having had a parental association with it, it was an easy decision.

What motivated you to become a teacher? 

I needed re-motivating at the stage in my career I was at and thought it would be good to give back some of the professional and life experiences I have picked up, whilst still at an age where I could still climb the teaching career ladder. I am someone who needs to learn and feel I am getting better every day I come to work and teaching gives me that opportunity.

Thinking back over the past 2 to 3 years from training to where you are now, what have been the highlights to your teaching career? 

It is a privilege each and every day to teach the students we have at the VITSA Alliance school where I work. The real highlight for me is seeing the difference you can have on a young person's life.  This has been in the classroom, pastorally and around the wider school. 

It was lovely to win the Mathematics Teacher of the Year award, however it means more when students and parents acknowledge your role in the progress of their daughter.

I have been proud of the two sets of GCSE results I have delivered whilst at the school and it is a great feeling to be able to contribute to the success of the school.

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