Research and Development

Our Alliance schools are using, doing and commissioning research to ensure that our strategies for school improvement are evidence-based and our teachers' practice is enriched.

They are also engaging in staff doing research, for example through small collaborative action research projects that explore compelling local issues and by engaging in large-scale national research strategies to test and evaluate the impact of different intervention strategies on closing the attainment gap. As commissioners of research, our schools are developing a range of initiatives and working with a variety of partners to investigate areas of practice and hosting conferences and seminars to disseminate the learning widely.

Engaging staff with research and as researchers has significant impact on their professional development, particularly where the research helps to address particular improvement priorities in the classroom and across schools. Collaborative action research projects help teachers to compare their experiences in different contexts, to trial models of working and to share learning between schools. These projects are often supported by Universities who contribute their knowledge and expertise on action research methodologies and offer Masters level credits for those who wish to pursue a qualification.

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