School Improvement

A number of our Alliance schools are involved in building capacity for school to school support and in working with schools and Local Authority colleagues to ensure that those resources are deployed to best effect.

We appreciate that if a school led system is to be truly self-improving, there are real challenges about how school to school support is brokered and managed so that it is effective and makes an impact.

VITSA is responsible for the designation and deployment of SLEs and NLEs in partnership with schools and Local Authorities.

At VITSA we are working to equip school leaders and teachers with the mentoring and coaching skills to support others by co-ordinating the deployment of experienced colleagues to provide support to individuals, teams and schools. There is growing evidence of the impact of this support on standards and Ofsted outcomes.

To be truly effective, this work challenges our schools to be open and honest about their strengths and areas for development; to know that they can trust colleagues to support their improvement journey and to release capacity as part of our moral imperative to ensure that every child and young person has access to the highest quality education at every stage of their development.

Our Schools