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Charlotte McGivern

Charlotte McGivern

SLE Specialism:


What are your current responsibilities? 

I am the department Teaching and Learning lead, NQT mentor and PGCE/ SD subject mentor. I also have responsibility for monitoring and tracking PPM and SEND students in science.

Why have you chosen to become an SLE? 

I have chosen to become an SLE due to my experience working with members of staff to develop their skills for several years, from university students on work experience to PGCE, NQT and more experienced staff. I have always been very proud of the progress that the staff I have worked with have made, and the wider impact that they are able to have on the department and our students as they improve their skills and challenge themselves.

What are your areas of expertise? How might you be able to help the schools?

I have a lot of experience with observations, developing expertise within a department, and integrating new staff, whether new or experienced. 

I aim to work with departments to encourage collaboration, enable staff to improve their areas of weakness and support each other as they progress. I will work with staff, observing them and developing observation skills in others so staff are able to learn from colleagues with similar cohorts of students working under the same pressures.

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Invicta Grammar School, Assistant Director of Science

I am the Science department Teaching and Learning lead, NQT mentor and PGCE/SD subject mentor.

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